Stadia: Google has over 4,000 developer registrations [Notiz]

Stadia: Google verzeichnet über 4.000 Entwickler-Anmeldungen

Stadia: Google has over 4,000 developer registrations

“We have over 4,000 companies who have signed up to get access to Stadia and each one is checked by one person” Google's Technical Account Manager Sam Corcoran announced at Developer Brighton 2019. Stadia appears to have a lot of interest among developers.

Corcoran explicitly refers to the Stadia Partners program, which enables developers to develop directly for the service. Google's goal is to provide exclusive content for the platform. Developers have been very interested in the service since the announcement of the service. Calculating game processes from a server would give developers the benefit of thinking less about the players' systems limit.

Stadia, on the other hand, would offer a fixed limit, which – probably – is higher than its own PC. In this scenario, developers would develop exclusive content for Stadia and go through an optimization process that corresponds to the development process of a console. In which direction this will develop directly remains to be seen until Stadia is available.

To think about the portability of Stadia

Corcoran also warns that “You should think about access to Stadia, which allows every user to access the game from any platform”, He refers to the design of the game, which should be operable on each platform. So should this consideration “Hopefully increase the amount of players playing their own games”. This thought is interesting in any case. Because the game design is designed for the platform on which it is played. This makes it difficult to develop a game that theoretically can be played from any platform.

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