Steam annual review: fight against review bombings works

Steam Jahresrückblick: Kampf gegen Review-Bombings funktioniert

Steam annual review: fight against review bombings works
Picture: Valve

Valve takes a positive look back at the past year with higher sales, more players and successful innovations. In this context, the company deals with the fight against review bombing. Appropriate measures, Valve sums up, were effective.

Valve has worked on features for both developers and players. Library updates came in October and efforts were made to increase game visibility. There are also a large number of new releases that have had sales success. Up to 95 million monthly active users caused an increase in sales, but the company does not give any figures.

Valve wants to continue working on the “findability” of games. In this context, an algorithm was recently tested during winter sales that individually recommended five products to players in the form of a notification. The fact that these have almost never been canceled is a signal for Valve that the approach is correct.

Two-digit review bombings removed

Valve understands review bombings, which are not given with the aim of rating the actual game, but to influence the rating in the store. However, user reviews are one of the “most used functions in the shop”, which would achieve the same number of page views as the search. Your reliability is therefore considered important. Valve 2020 has excluded non-thematic reviews from the average rating 44 times, they will still be displayed, but are no longer of any importance unless users explicitly include them again.

What was more interesting for gamers than the data-driven optimization operation was the release of Steam Remote Play, the possibility of playing games not only via the local network, but now also via the Internet via stream. Cooperative games with exclusively local game mode can also be used via remote play together since last year. The continuously improved proton is also one of the successes of the past year. Meanwhile, more than 6,500 games can be played via the runtime environment under Linux.

Plans for this year

Valve plans to publish data from the platform itself for the current year. This is already done by third parties based on the publicly available information. Valve says that it is too imprecise to get information about games on Steam and the platform itself. This is obviously intended to correct the public image in its own sense. Other innovations include new registration options in the mobile app and SteamVR in version 2.0. The entire annual balance sheet can be found on Valve’s blog.

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