Teaser: Google shows the pixel 4 months before the market launch

Teaser: Google zeigt das Pixel 4 Monate vor dem Marktstart

To take the wind out of the sails of the current rumors, Google has summarily published even a first official picture of the Pixel 4, and the months before the market launch. The next Google smartphone will probably be announced again in October. The main camera has two lenses for the first time.

In the last few days, renderings of Google Pixel 4 based on CAD data of a sleeve manufacturer were increasingly found on Twitter. Google then decided to take the unusual step of publishing a picture of the new smartphone. The move is unusual in that Google is still in the midst of selling the Pixel 3 (test), which may now find fewer buyers through the release, as shoppers instead wait for Pixel 4, now that Google has officially confirmed it , Google usually does not introduce new pixel smartphones until October.

Minimalist design with new dual camera

Google's two-half image can easily be edited to a full view of the smartphone. You can see a smartphone with back of glass and extremely minimalist design. The subdivision into a matte and shiny area of ​​the back is missing unlike the pixel 3. Also a backside fingerprint sensor does not exist with the new generation anymore. Maybe this is integrated with the new model in the display. The Google logo sits in the same place as before, the most striking feature is clearly the new dual camera.

Pixel 4
Pixel 4

Google is one of the last smart phone manufacturers that used to rely on a single lens for the main camera. That this does not detract from the quality of the photos has been proven over several years by pixel generations. The Pixel 3 continues to be one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. The Pixel 4 is now the first time a module with two lenses is used, with Google probably will not put on a combination of wide-angle and telephoto or ultra wide angle. In the rumor mill it is said that Google will build a time-of-flight camera (ToF) in addition to the classic wide angle, to collect depth information more precise than it would be possible via the parallax of two normal cameras.

Gesture control via radar

For further features of the Pixel 4, there is hardly any information. Google could offer the smartphone with a new gesture control, like 9to5Google remarks. The system, formerly known as “Project Soli” in Google's ATAP development group, is to be integrated into Pixel 4 under the name “Aware”. Radar technology should make it possible, for example, to control music on the lockscreen and notifications via gestures above the smartphone.

Further potential features of the Pixel 4 can be derived from the development cycle of other manufacturers. So it is very likely that Google will again use Qualcomm for the system-on-a-chip. The use of the Snapdragon 855 would be a consistent continuation of the long-standing partnership between the two companies.

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