Technology: 5G smartphones should be mainstream from 2023

Technologie: 5G-Smartphones sollen ab 2023 Mainstream sein

It will be several years before 5G will arrive in the mass market. While in particular by the expensive premium segment from next year up to 13 percent of all delivered smartphones could already support 5G, the mass will provide only in 2023 the standard.

Premium from now, the mass from 2023

Already 180 million 5G-enabled smartphones could be delivered in the coming year, explain analysts in the framework of Global Sources Mobile Electronics 2019 in Hong Kong. An analyst from Canalys further stated in his remarks at the symposium that this figure would steadily increase in the following years, so that in 2023, about 52 percent of all delivered smartphones would offer 5G, outperforming 4G models and the mainstream market would be achieved.

One obstacle at the beginning is, among other things, the price, which is expected to fall to an average of less than 650 US dollars in the coming year. Only with rising Asian manufacturers and resulting cheaper smartphones could 5G be established in the mass market. These are already in position, MediaTek had recently announced its first 5G chip from 2020 for the series use in Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi to deliver, the second generation from their own home is also targeted for completion in late 2020.

Infrastructure only under construction

Smartphones are known to be only one side of the coin. Without the right infrastructure, the corresponding mobile phone will not benefit if it does not have a network that supports it. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are discovering the big growth market, which is not only based on the erection of masts and technology, but also on the much larger computing capacities that are necessary for many new services. For example, at the launch of the MWC in Los Angeles, Nvidia announced that with Ericsson and Red Hat, they wanted to better integrate their own GPUs into the 5G ecosystem, which could shoulder part of the burden.

But until this technology is bought and installed by the network operators in the respective countries, more time will pass. In Germany, which is not one of the world leaders in these matters but rather a developing country, the telecommunications companies are currently boasting with the deployment of additional 4G masts to improve the network coverage in this regard. 5G is likely to be a distant future in many parts of the country with the exception of metropolitan areas. By the end of 2021, 99 percent of all households in Germany will be covered by LTE.

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