Tesla plans to launch robot-taxi network in 2020

Tesla plans to launch robot-taxi network in 2020

In his speech within the scope of Autonomy Day, Elon Musk said that he aimed to make the robot-taxi network available in 2020 as the first step of his vision of vehicle sharing with autonomous vehicles.

Konusunda We won't get approval from anywhere, but we're pretty sure we can get a robot-taxi service in the coming year, oldukça Musk said.

The robot-taxi project can be considered as the first step of a business vehicle sharing model like Airbnb and Uber. In the long run, Tesla owners will be able to get their cars into the network and make money in the parking lot. When you start working, your vehicle will start working like you instead of standing in the park and will wait for its customers to share autonomously. Moreover, this model will allow more than one person to use your vehicle.

If Tesla owners do not want to include their vehicles in the system, Tesla will shut down this gap itself. In other words, a serious rival is emerging for Uber and similar business models. Fortunately, the legislators will have to go through many years until this system is allowed, which will save the time needed to prepare for the opponents.

Elon Musk states that a chip that meets everything needed to be autonomous in Tesla vehicles and that all Tesla vehicles can be converted into an autonomous state, while commenting on the comments by experts who develop systems for autonomous vehicles that there are some shortcomings necessary for the operation of this system.

Elon Musk; “In the next year, it can be 12 or 15 months, I would say there will be millions of robot-taxi on the roads,” he says. “One update will be enough for our fleet to wake up.”

During his speech, Musk repeatedly stressed the need to obtain the necessary permits from the government, but he did not share any details as to the details of the permits to be taken. In fact, the main reason for not to share the legislators of autonomous vehicles does not have a regulation.

While there are regulations currently being sought by voluntary groups and companies and presented to governments, we will see how these regulations will be adopted and approved.

We can say that Elon Musk's automatic charger, which resembles the snake in 2015, is of great importance in this project because we cannot complete the article without mentioning that Elon Musk has an autonomous car-sharing vision and a system that can be automatically recharged into the garage. In terms of autonomous vehicles in 2020 we are waiting for exciting days.

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