The application of hourly chauffeur dedicated to people's own vehicles: Alfy

The application of hourly chauffeur dedicated to people's own vehicles: Alfy

Alfred's mobile app, operating as a concierge service Alfy was published. Alfy takes people from their location to the location they want to go for a certain fee and carries the saatlik hourly chauffeur driver service to their own vehicle mobil service offered by Alfred Concierge A.Ş.

Using Alfy is really easy. After downloading the application from App Store or Google Play Store to your device, you create your profile directly with your first name, last name, phone number and e-mail address. You will then receive a four-digit verification code, which you can start using Alfy directly.

With the application you want to your location immediately, or at a later date and time you call the driver to use the vehicle you pay from the application. Let's also mention that all of the drivers are in black suits, communication and driving training.

While the user is working, Alfy can carry family members with cars waiting in the parking lots, and can handle many tasks from shopping to bureaucratic procedures. On the way to a meeting place with parking problems or after an amusement it is possible to call Alfy to reach home safely.

Please note that the transportation fee at Alfy is 150 TL and there is an online tracking feature.

Active for both iOS and Android users 30% discount on first use at Alfy Let's remind you that. To make a payment, simply define your credit card to the application.

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