The Google Photos app lets you search for text in photos

The Google Photos app lets you search for text in photos

With a tweet, Google announced an interesting feature that it added to Google Photos. The company continues to work on adding new artificial intelligence features to the lens platform, allowing users to search for screenshots and text on photos in Google Photos. When the searched text is found, it can be copied and pasted into a note, document or form.

These two new features, which are preparing to take place in Google Photos, are powered by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique. In addition, the Copy-paste option takes advantage of Lens's ability to understand and extract text from photos. This ability of the Lens can easily recognize on-screen displays, a physical sign in a photo or text in a document.

This new feature, which is currently open to some android users, has not yet shown itself active on iOS. Users of Google Photos on the web may already be using text search.

This feature, which can be used in many areas ranging from taking the Wi-Fi password of your café in your daily use to easily converting meeting or lecture notes into a new document, takes me to the next level with the text search feature. This shows that Google automatically performs Optical Character Recognition throughout your entire photo collection.

Hunter Walk, who discovered the feature at the beginning of the week and shared it with his followers, also described the steps of using the product. On top of this, Google, in response to the Walk announced that the product was released this month.

This new feature in the Google Photos app was originally introduced at the Google I / O 2017 event. Since 2017, Google Lens has gained features such as searching the products on the web, adding contact numbers from a business card to your contacts. Together with this new feature, it is possible to say that Optical Character Recognition will easily integrate with users' daily life and usage habits.

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