The Internet's fearful dream: deepfake videos that are supposed to be real

The Internet's fearful dream: deepfake videos that are supposed to be real

Although technology is developing day by day, it can sometimes reach frightening dimensions. Maybe you remember, recently in deepnu and an application calledespecially women– making his normal photographs naked. This practice, which I would call scary, was popular in the evening and was removed from the broadcast the following morning. If I have to say for myself, I think it would make sense to take the application off the air. Because the photographs created with the application would have undesirable consequences and perhaps even the nearest people would be uneasy.

“Fake” loveliness in social media

In fact, we experienced the same thing in FaceApp, which became popular in recent weeks. Various fraud news emerged with the application that ages people's photos with the help of artificial intelligence. After the capture of a man who scammed a large number of people with this method, he gave false advertisements for sale with an aged photo he revealed with FaceApp.If they didn't believe it.“This kind of news is not funny when we do not happen to us, but in fact that person is to blame the believers. Because the developing technology methods, the emergence of all kinds of fraud easier and the use of social media to increase the use of fake news at a time. more environment.

What is Deepfake?

Fake videos on the Internet are extremely confusing. Even the messengers do not understand whether these fake videos are real and carry fake videos to newsletters. When the situation is like this, the audience is amazed at what he will really believe. Let's talk about how these videos are made. These videos created with Deepfake use purely artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lip movements and facial expressions of the people in the videos are perceived by machine learning. Artificial intelligence processes this data and creates a personalized algorithm in the video. This algorithm updates the images given to it with the same facial expressions and expressions. The image is rendered in a way that we can say flawlessly as if it were the real person in the video, and then the face in the video is changed.

Let's take a look at the videos that illustrate how scary deepfake videos can be.

Obama's public service announcement

Produced by BuzzFeed and comedian Jordan Peele using After Effects CC and FakeApp, this video emulates the sound and gestures of the source. They stick Peele's mouth over Obama's mouth and replace the former president's jaw with Peele's mouth movements. They then use FakeApp to automate the scene for more than 50 hours. As a result, we come across a fake speech that Obama did not actually say. Especially if we say that politicians and artists get their share from deepfake videos, we would not be mistaken.

Mark Zuckerberg speaks bluntly

Artist Bill Posters published this post on Facebook's Instagram in June. The video shows that Mark Zuckerberg prides itself on the olma ownership ”of the platform's users. Ironically, Facebook has been on the agenda for a long time, especially in recent years, who has been facing the problems of personal data protection and has lost many users for this reason. Instagram did not remove the video because it had deepfake hashtags and it was mentioned that the video was for entertainment purposes.

SNL and Donald Trump

On Saturday Night Live, actor Alec Baldwin played US President Trump, a YouTube user called derpfakes, which was integrated into the real Trump, and a video as follows. Since the original version of the video was previously published in SNL, we don't think anyone believes it, but it is a very realistic video.

Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the same body

Deepfake, when used correctly, can also be quite enjoyable videos. Bill Hader, who participated in Conan O'Brien's program, successfully copied Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger, while YouTube user Ctrl Shift Face turned Bill Hader's face to Pacino and Schwarzenegger respectively, making it almost impossible to understand. Let's remind you that Ctrl Shift Face has very successful videos on this subject. You can browse them all here.

As a result, technology is developing day by day, and from there the internet is becoming more intimidating. Maybe it will be a very simple advice, but don't believe everything you see on social media.

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