The virtual reality game from Half Life is coming! Half Life: Alyx

The virtual reality game from Half Life is coming! Half Life: Alyx

One of the most important companies in the world of gambling valveannounced for the first time in February 2017 that he was working on virtual reality games. Today, Valve shares a new statement on this subject. Half-Life themed has developed a new virtual reality game on the theme.

Valve, who did a share via Twitter, Half-Life: Alyx also announced the details of the new reality game Thursday. Fans of the Half-Life series have long been waiting for the third game of the series.

Let's add that no details about the game have been shared yet. But the name of the game "Alyx"name in the game Half-Life 2"Alyx Vance"Half-Life: Alyx will not be a surprise to tell the story of this character.

When the details of the game will be unveiled Thursday, we will explain everything about Half-Life: Alyx. Half-Life Series 3. of the game There is no information on where to come.

As a reminder, Valve is famous for not developing the 3rd game of the popular series. Half-Life, team fortress, portal, Left 4 Dead and Dota Valve, like the famous series, has never developed these series 3 games. Another piece of information we have today is that the first images of the game will take place on December 12th. The rewards of the game had to be shown at the event.

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