The war of words reaches 6 million people in 2 months

The war of words reaches 6 million people in 2 months

In recent months Mynet Games Developped by word war In a short time, the game was able to reach a wide audience. Twitter and Instagram's images of fun games shared by players turned into a social media phenomenon Word War, the most downloaded games of the week were placed in first place in the list.

Social Word Word Game, developed by Mynet Games 6 million people in as little as 2 months in the list of the most downloaded games of 2019 by Apple third It was. According to information shared by Mynet, entertaining content such as the answer "Heart" to the question "Broken things" 6.6 million likes, 66 more than a thousand from the notice the catch 95 million audience He reached.

Mynet Games team

player of the 40 percent of women and 80% of people under 35 Word War Game, GermanyMost downloaded in 5. Quiz successful. On October 29th, Word War players celebrated Republic Day by giving 2.7 million responses to "Long Live Republic" and "Happy Holidays" which are correctly counted for each question.

CEO of Mynet, who says that a very young and creative audience plays the war of words sage Aldanaalso expressed their gratitude for the creative responses to the questions and interest shown in such a short time. Aldan also shared that they are continuing their studies abroad for the war of words, which has gone well in Germany. Play Word War for Android d & # 39; herefor iOS d & # 39; here You can download.

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