Threema 4.0: Android version gets new design and more privacy

Threema 4.0: Android-Version erhält neues Design und mehr Privatsphäre

Threema 4.0: Android version gets new design and more privacy
Image: Threema

Threema is considered a safe alternative to WhatsApp. In addition to a new design, Threema for Android should provide even more privacy in version 4.0 and place a high value on privacy. The Messenger becomes more independent of Google and now relies on its own solutions in many areas.

Privacy protection without Google

The central theme of the update to Threema 4.0 for Android is an even more consistent privacy protection. Threema's developers achieve this by consistently refraining from Google's apps and extensions, and using more of their own developments. This further reduced dependency on external apps and services. Instead of using Google Maps, Threema now uses its own location display based on OpenStreetMap, the camera and the QR code reader were installed in version 4.0 directly in Threema and do not need to be accessed via external apps. The developers of the “Made in Switzerland” app want to prevent data from being shared with other providers.

Biometric mechanisms for more security

From now on, Threema can be unlocked with biometric mechanisms such as a fingerprint or face scan if the smartphone supports it via the official Android API. This too should lead to more security compared to the previous version.

The change log shows all the new features of Threema 4.0 for Android.

  • New appearance, which is based on the current “Material Design”
  • Function for archiving chats
  • Integrated camera app
  • Integrated QR code scanner
  • Own map display and location selection (without Google Maps)
  • Biometric Locking Functions via Fingerprint or Face Unlock (with Android API)
  • Configurable location of data backups
  • Citation function by wiping
  • Improved Threema Web connection in networks with incorrect IPv6 configuration

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