Tim Cook doesn't want you to use your iPhone for long hours

Tim Cook doesn't want you to use your iPhone for long hours

Apple CEO Tim CookIn his speech at TIME 100 Summit, he commented on the dependency structure of our mobile devices and mentioned about Apple's role in making these comments. Cook also said that the company did not want people to use their iPhone continuously and silenced push notifications in recent months.

Apple does not want to keep the user's devices with the highest level of time, said Cook, adding that they never think this way.

It is worth mentioning that this is a very interesting claim. Because Apple uses a design that sends continuous notifications to the user and allows them to easily respond to these notifications. For example; When you send someone a friend request on social media, you are expected to turn it off if you don't want to see notifications on your Apple device when a favorite product arrives in a shopping app or when you skip section in a game. This feature, which comes by default to almost all devices, causes us to experience a dilemma about how well Cook's claims are.

On both iOS devices and Android devices, notifications are turned on. However, when such a claim is thrown, the company is expected to return to what it is doing. Nevertheless, the iPhone's iOS 12 update comes with the “Screen Time” feature. It's worth noting that this feature is the only iPhone that will support Cook's claims.

As a result, it would be a great mistake to say that Apple's design was not designed to increase the time spent with the user. The company's policy may be different at this time and the work may be moving in that direction. However, when we look at the past terms and what was done at that time, Tim Cook said “Apple never thought so.“we can see the sentence is wrong.

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