Turkcell began selling second-hand telephones on its website

Turkcell began selling second-hand telephones on its website

Abroad “refurbished“The renewed sale of second-hand telephones is gradually becoming popular in our country. renovated second hand telephone had started selling. Organizing a press conference Turkcell announced the start of the sale of refurbished second-hand smartphones.

With the new project implemented by Turkcell, it becomes possible to sell the used devices via Turkcell's website and also undergo the authorized technical service test and renewed the original parts. 1 year guaranteed.

Refurbished second-hand smartphones to be sold through Turkcell's website Turkcell guaranteed Let's add that will be sold with. In case of a problem with the sold phones, users will apply to Turkcell, not the brand of the smart phone, for the guarantee process.

Aiming to prevent the informal economy, Turkcell also provides legally safe services to customers who prefer refurbished devices. shopping platform It offers. Let's add that Turkcell's renewed second hand smartphone sales have started in the pilot regions for the time being.

According to market research, the tendency to buy a second-hand mobile phone in the last year has increased from 7 percent to 11 percent. Turkcell Retail Sales Executive Vice President Kadri Özdaltherefore, they added that they added one more service to their innovative approaches.

Turkcell offers refurbished second hand smart phone platform can be used both by people who want to buy smart phones and those who want to sell their smart phones. If you want to sell your smartphone from here You can apply to Turkcell.

All users who want to sell a second hand device will be able to do this by filling out the online form. If they accept the offer made by Turkcell, their devices will be charged and paid to their accounts in cash. Those who sell devices will also receive periodically, gift vouchers offered in different options.

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