Turkish workshop in the new communication environments "rebound" offered money

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At the Turkish Workshop on New Communication Environments, suggestions on Turkish equivalents of foreign terms used in social networks were discussed in social media. Shared suggestions include Re-Tweet, Influencer, Caps and Diss casting the Turkish equivalent of the terms.

Workshop, Canadian Computer Association of Turkey, Turkish Language Association (TDK), Istanbul University and Development was held in collaboration with Okan University in Istanbul. In the workshop, nearly 60 participants began working on the terms that are open to discussion in their respective fields by moving to the tables allocated to the working groups. In each working group, linguists and TDK experts, as well as specialized academics and industry representatives participated.

Some of the suggestions made by the working groups are:

Re-Tweet (RT): rebound

Throw of diss: Post an answer

Stalker: Virtual espionage

It is influential: the Deneyimleyic

Cyber ​​boots: Cyber ​​can

Teaser: Curiosity video

Hats: Written image, Image commentary

Legend: Six Image

In the meantime, more than 100 terms should be discussed in the workshop, it should be noted that nearly 40 solutions are proposed. Although the process of implementing the proposals has not been finalized yet, we can say that users of social networks will have trouble adopting them at the moment.

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