Twitter gives users more power over cats with the new feature

Twitter gives users more power over cats with the new feature

From now on, Twitter allows all users to keep tweets replies. The company will now prevent tweeters from changing the subject or tone of the discussion and distorting the issues raised by users.

With the release of the feature, users can choose to hide the response to their Tweets, while those who wish to touch the gray icon that appears on the Tweet allow to see the Tweets stored and interact with them. . This will allow users to have more control over the discussions they launch, as well as other users to see the entire chat.

Meanwhile, the company's ability to store responses to tweets for a while that you test To note. According to data obtained by Twitter during the test process; Users often hide tweets that they deem unnecessary or annoying, even if this new option is positioned as an alternative to blocking or mute. Because 85% of people who use the ability to store answers do not use blocking or silence features.

It should also be noted that, until now, politicians or journalists, such as journalists, have not often used the method of storing answers.

In Canada, 27% of people whose Tweets are in hiding said they would reconsider their behavior in the future. Users also believe that this feature has more authority over the content than they see, just like dumb words.

As part of the test, it was observed that users wanted to get away from a person after hiding the answer. Twitter will ask if users want to block the account after hiding the answer.

Add that some users say that they do not want to keep the answers for fear of retaliation because the icons continue to appear.

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