Unlinking Facebook from Instagram doesn't work

Unlinking Facebook from Instagram doesn't work

Instagram's connected accounts feature allows you to easily connect your account to your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and However, when you want to remove the link from Facebook, it is not possible to remove the link with the same convenience.

Users need to sign in by tapping the grayed-out logo of the application before linking their Facebook profiles to Instagram. When two profiles are connected, the Kaldır Unlink Account ”option appears in Instagram settings. At this point, when you click on ın Unlink Account ”, you get a small but important warning: Kaldır Removing the link makes it difficult for you to gain access to your Instagram account. ”

Usually at this point Yes, Unlink If you click, you may think that the link will be removed. However, a Facebook official is unable to distinguish between two applications. Remove link option has not fulfilled its duty. In fact, for the same reason, even if a user did not link their Facebook and Instagram accounts, he stated that they were essentially connected to each other. It is worth noting that the fake Instagram accounts you have opened are also evaluated within this scope.

Moreover, Facebook's data from multiple applications is sufficient to identify users and associate accounts. When opening an account, even if you use a different name, email address, or device, for example, a WhatsApp profile you create from a disposable device, an Instagram account you use for stalk, or a fake Facebook profile can be easily associated. Facebook can determine who the account holder is, as well as whether this person has another account in Facebook's application family.

The Facebook official made the following statement:

“Because Facebook and Instagram share infrastructure, systems and technology, we combine your information about your activities in our services based on various signals. Linking or unlinking your accounts in the app doesn't affect this ”

Facebook has been trying to attract traffic from Instagram to its own platform with its cross-sharing features for a long time, Facebook continues to remind users of its existence by changing the names of the application family to “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook.”

Facebook official, Facebook Instagram in 2012 shortly after receiving data about users based on the data collected in the background began to connect accounts, he said. Facebook collects and associates this information about user activities in order to provide users with a personalized experience, he said, adding that cross-platform activities are combined in all applications under the roof of the company.

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