US ban on Huawei has been mitigated for 90 days

US ban on Huawei has been mitigated for 90 days

Last week the US government Huaweitelecommunication equipment used by US companies. US Trade Department US President Donald TrumpAnnounced that it signed a decree that prohibits US-based companies from using telecommunications equipment from companies that represent national security risks.

This decree prevented the use of Huawei products by US-based companies without the permission of the US government. After this decision is taken Google, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom key technology companies such as Huawei announced that they have suspended business associations.

Today, the US has taken a step back. According to shared information, the US sanctions against Huawei were temporarily alleviated. USA Trade the department According to the information shared by US by Huawei 90 daily temporary general license It will be given.

Thanks to the license, Huawei will be able to continue using US-based technologies and services for 90 days. But Huawei's new technologies to buy products or services from US based companies is still prohibited.

The main reason for the temporary reduction of the ban is that this ban will not only affect Huawei but also the US-based technology companies. US trade minister Wilbur Rossaccording to Reuters 3-month transition process US-based telecommunications companies using Huawei technology will allow them to make other agreements.

You are entitled to a provisional generic license. August 19 Let us add that there is no information about whether this period will be extended or not. Decisions taken are expected to affect the US economy quite badly.

According to shared reports, US-based companies $ 56.3 billion suffer damage and 74 thousand work may be in danger. It is also important to note that Huawei is one of the most important telecommunications companies in the world. No use of Huawei products in the US 5G of technology delay

How will the current Huawei phones be affected after the decision is implemented?

By Huawei shared information According to all Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products sold to date and currently available in stock security updates and continue to provide after-sales services.

The real problem is the smartphone and tablet models that will be available for sale. These new models will not have access to Google services. Among these services Google Music, Play Store, Gmail YouTube, Google Map, Google Drive such as quite important services are included.

Another problem is updates on Android versions. The next Android version will be Q Huawei Mate 20 Pro The future of the model will be used in this phone model as beta and was previously explained.

In short Android QThe source code of 's already seems to be shared with Huawei. However, following the implementation of the decision, the new Android updates will be a question mark on how to implement Huawei phones. Of course, let's add that Huawei can continue with a new operating system. We will continue to share the developments on the subject.

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