US President Trump has been tough on France, which brings tax to US technology companies

US President Trump has been tough on France, which brings tax to US technology companies

In a tweet, US President Donald Trump has hinted that France will take steps against it by criticizing the new tax policies of US-based technology giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. Trump, the French President Emmanuel Macron'u also aimed at the Tweet, said these new applications will come into force soon, he added.

At this point, a new law approved by the French parliament at the beginning of July, the majority of which is based in the United States and annual revenue of more than $ 750 thousand Internet businesses will be reminded that tax cuts will be applied to transactions in France.

Let us add that France made this decision independently of the European Union and the decision would mainly affect US-based firms. Repeating his criticism of this new law, Trump shared in the Tweet “US companies can only levy US taxes.” When using the phrase, in an allusive approach, “I have always said that American wine is better than French wine yer.

French President Emmanuel Macron was also the target of Trump's messages. Trump didn't hesitate to say, “We will respond to Macron's foolishness with a major move soon.”

In the meantime, I remind you that France has offered to implement similar tax applications within the EU. However, the country faced criticism of some EU countries, chose to take a unilateral step on this issue. According to the French authorities, the new tax application, the internet and technology companies that open branches outside the center of the country is aimed to become a taxpayer.

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