US trade ban: Exemption for trading with Huawei again extended

US-Handelssperre: Ausnahmeregelung für Handel mit Huawei erneut verlängert

US trade ban: Exemption for trading with Huawei again extended

The U.S. government has again extended the exemption for doing business with Huawei. Unlike before, permission for US companies to continue working with Huawei for existing systems and products has now been limited to 45 days and has not been extended by another 90 days.

Last year, the United States placed Huawei on the list of companies with which US companies are no longer allowed to trade without an explicit special permit. Immediately after the ordinance came into force, however, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an exemption for existing collaborations and businesses so that state-owned cellular companies in particular can continue to work with Huawei as the world’s largest network equipment provider for infrastructure maintenance and support and to continue to ensure operations. However, the U.S. government continues to aim for U.S. companies that still rely on collaboration with Huawei to switch their businesses and plants to products from other manufacturers. The 45 days now made available should serve for this. The exemption extended in November would otherwise have expired on February 16. If the deadline is again insufficient, it can be assumed that it will be extended again.

New Huawei products without US hardware and software

However, the renewed exemption, as before, has no effect on the block for new Huawei products. For example, Huawei is still unable to deliver the current smartphone flagship Mate 30 Pro with Google services. The company initially decided not to sell the smartphone in Germany, but after a first test sale in November in Spain, the smartphone finally came to Germany in December. Instead of Google Mobile Services (GMS), Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) with its own AppGallery are preinstalled as a store for Android apps.

In the dispute over Huawei’s participation in the worldwide 5G network expansion, the United States had recently submitted alleged evidence of espionage by the company to Great Britain and Germany, which, however, proved to be unsustainable.

Huawei has so far defied the sanctions

In spite of the US sanctions, Huawei’s smartphone sales continue to grow rapidly.

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