US Trade War: Google ends cooperation with Huawei

US-Handelskrieg: Google beendet Zusammenarbeit mit Huawei

After President Trump declared the national telecommunications emergency last week to protect the United States from foreign attacks, Google is now taking first action. Coincident reports from Reuters and The Verge According to the company, the cooperation with Huawei ends.

Android updates and Google services affected

According to Google, the business relationships have been discontinued in almost all areas relevant to Huawei's smartphones. This is particularly heavy for the numerous Google services that come with an Android smartphone, especially the Play Store, the E-Mail service Gmail or the Chrome browser. Even the operating system itself is affected, but open source: Since the source code android is freely accessible and usable, Google can not prohibit the use of Huawei, but in the future no longer distribute updates.

Huawei just wants to use the public version of Android and wants to get access to Google's proprietary apps and services.

Anonymous source via Reuters

Nonetheless, Reuters notes that users of Huawei smartphones already in operation have been marginally affected for the time being. Thus, the Play Store can be used at least for updates of installed apps, even configured services would continue for now. Only the next generation Huawei smartphones should be entirely without Google services.

Many questions remain unanswered for the time being

Concrete information on services concerned and a Huawei possibly remaining period for conversion are not available. As sources, both reports cite anonymous sources from informed sources. Huawei himself has not commented on the reports so far; Google opposed The Verge just to understand that the company is “to the arrangement [der Regierung] consider and impact“. Google confirmed this later via the Android Twitter account.

The relationship between the United States and Huawei has been widening for several years. As part of the US-China trade war, the US Department of Commerce announced on Friday that US companies selling or transferring technology to Huawei would need a license to do so in the future. Conjectures suggest that it would be virtually impossible for them to be granted. Accordingly, it can only be speculated whether an actual end to the collaboration would be Google's will or forced.

Huawei has its own operating system in the hindquarters

Huawei himself has always rejected the accusations of espionage and sees his own rights violated. In addition, the company confirmed in March this year that it had developed its own operating system for smartphones and PC systems – now apparently wise caution, the US government could affect the business relationship with Google. Reuters himself notes that the impact on the domestic Chinese market is unlikely to be great, as most Google services are banned there anyway. That Huawei's own operating system, however, can compete in the West, is highly doubted.

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