Users were upset Turkey PS Store

PS Store Turkey upset users. It is seen that the rapid increase in foreign exchange rates, especially the price, affects imported products indexed to dollar, and therefore the game prices have increased. Those who prefer to play games from the console seem to be more affected by these price increases.

PS Store

PS Store Started with Marvel iles Spider Man

The first game affected by price increases was Marvel oyuns Spider Man, released on September 7, 2018 and released as PS4 exclusive.

When the PlayStation 4 broke the record in this field and the game price increased from 299 TL to 469 TL in the first three days of the game, it was thought that this game would be limited.

The increase is not limited to this!

Apparently Playstation StoreThe increases will continue. According to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which was announced to be released in March 2019, the pre-order price of the game went from 284 TL to 469 TL. Sekiro, before the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne games, “souls-burn” as a game called the game has introduced a different type of gamers. The game is being prepared by From Software and is a product that PS4 owners are waiting for.

The pre-order price of Black Ops 4, the new game of Call of Duty, was $ 469. Black Ops 4 does not include a single-player scenario, and only those who play online, considering how this price will affect sales is a matter of wonder.

PS Store

PlayStation Plus Price

PlayStation users are also worried about the hike in the Plus service. To play online at PlayStation, you need to subscribe to the Plus service and it costs £ 180 a year. In addition to playing the game online, the Playstation Plus service, which provides free download of two games every month, will be shown in the future.

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