Video game winning mobile game: Cukka

Video game winning mobile game: Cukka

Abroad HQ – Trivia & WordsIn our country, let's Mobile Quiz, which is very popular with, allows game lovers to earn money for contests. Today, we are presenting a new domestic application that aims to win players.

The mobile game called Cukka focuses on winning users by carefully watching videos and giving the right answers to questions. Spectrum Digital designed by cukka What players need to do in the application, published every day at certain hours, watch a video of social media phenomena carefully and answer the questions in the application in the fastest way.

The answers to the questions are hidden in the videos. Cukka application of the problems you will encounter “How many birds in the video, which series was greeted salute, how many times” kolpa “was called.” as well as questions. Extra as you invite players' friends and participate in fun surveys within the app the cukcoin they also won.

At the end of each game, cukka is earned according to the response speed. Earned cukkalar can be spent to win the products in the online market within the application. Cukka aims to earn a financial gain from the videos they watch the players, to advertisers offers a wide range of content from video content to the online market.

24 hours after the release of the application, despite the Cukka'nın Apple Store rose to the 3rd place in the note. The video published in the morning through the game is via Instagram 777 thousand 7779 views. Let's add that there are various YouTube and Instagram phenomena in the project. You can download Cukka for Android here and iOS for here.

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