Volvo starts a new company to produce autonomous vehicles focused on transportation

Volvo starts a new company to produce autonomous vehicles focused on transportation

The Volvo Group has established a new business that will focus on autonomous transport vehicles. Autonomous vehicles to be produced within the scope of the enterprise are expected to operate in industries such as mining, port transportation and logistics,

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that Volvo already uses autonomous technology in these sectors. Used in one of the ports in Gothenburg, Volvo's driverless vehicles also serve in several mines and quarries.

The active use of autonomous vehicles not only by end-users but also in such industries may have encouraged Volvo to establish an industrial service.

This new company, Volvo Autonomous Solutions, will focus on the development, commercialization and acceleration of autonomous transport solutions. Let us add that the company will ensure that large quantities of goods and materials are transported on predefined routes.

Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo Group, stated that they received a lot of questions from the customers in this sector's focus.

Last but not least, Volvo Autonomous Solutions will not be an official company operating under the Volvo Group until January 2020. Nevertheless, the company was in search of management for this new structure. It is possible to say that in the period ahead, we will see Volvo's logistics vehicles on the road just like Tesla's autonomous trucks.

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