Volvo, vehicles will be able to warn each other about road condition soon

Volvo, vehicles will be able to warn each other about road condition soon

For the first time in 2016, Volvo announced that it will spread the Danger Light Alert and Slippery Road Alert systems on its 90 Series cars in Sweden and Norway to European vehicles.

The safety technology offered by the Swedish car manufacturer to increase traffic safety enables Volvo vehicles to communicate with each other. A cloud-based network running technology warns car drivers of nearby slippery road conditions and dangers.

Volvo's next week's security system will be available on the new model 2020 Volvo, but the system will be integrated into the previous models.

Carrying the conntectivity to the vehicle-vehicle category, Volvo believes it can make a major contribution to traffic safety through data sharing. In the event of danger, the system sends a signal to all Volvo vehicles connected to the cloud service after it has burned the hazard lights of any Volvo driver and warns drivers to help prevent potential accidents. The aim is to increase awareness of the road situation, especially in blind spots and rough roads.

In the meantime, Volvo announced a number of announcements last month to support better driver behavior and safer driving. From 2020, all Volvo cars will be limited to a speed limit of 180 km / h. On the other hand, from the beginning of next year, if a driver who is clearly drunk or distracted endangers an accident that could result in serious injury or death, he will install vehicle cameras and other sensors that monitor the driver and allow the vehicle to intervene.

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