Welcome to Webrazzi Insights!

Welcome to Webrazzi Insights!

Our regular followers have already noticed Webrazzi Insights. We have already contacted more than 100 companies to use our new service, which we launched 2 weeks ago, and their number is increasing. We are very pleased with the interest, thanks in advance to everyone who has shown interest.

For those of you who haven't studied Webrazzi Insights in detail yet;

Webrazzi Insights, which was established to examine the effects of the latest technologies on the sectors from a Webrazzi perspective, to create insight and to guide strategies, helps in-depth understanding of the digital world.

Webrazzi Insights sectoral report, research and content platform members. Within one year with access to Webrazzi Insights, which can be purchased under the annual membership Over 100 reports, More than 50 private surveys and More than 1000 content We will post. Our priority sectors and categories are banking / finance, retail / FMCG, digital healthcare, automotive / logistics, payment / e-commerce, digital media, cloud / technology. Of course, these categories will expand with changes in the digital world.

Webrazzi Insights, which we currently publish, can be found on this link.

You can reach the reports and researches we have published so far from this link. We published 4 different reports and researches within 2 weeks from Fintech to open banking, online banking and online shopping. Of course, we shared dozens of private data and content with the first members of the platform.

If you are interested in Webrazzi Insights, you have two options at this point.

  1. You can become a corporate member of Webrazzi Insights and have access to all content, reports and research.
  2. You can purchase the reports and researches we have opened for sale alone.

Webrazzi Insights does not have an individual membership. So you can not buy a single user package. We have unlimited user membership for corporations, a package that everyone can have a member with e-mail address of the company, and packages with multiple user rights to be offered by our sales team for smaller usage preferences.

As I mentioned above, you can only buy our reports and research if you wish without becoming a member.

If you are interested in corporate membership, you can contact us immediately. Our sales team will get back to you as quickly as possible and will give you the details of the options available to you.

Now that we've officially announced Webrazzi Insights, I'll get you a favor. 😉

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