What have we most searched on the Internet in 2019?

What have we most searched on the Internet in 2019?

Turkey in the first place in the general category in the 2019 list of rising research trends composed of five different categories, "Istanbul election results," "Breath of the future" and "earthquake" took place . Ani Revani Yemek in the food category, "Miracle Doctor isinde in the category of serials and" Derdim Olsun "of Reynmen came to the fore in the category of songs.

In 2019, Miracle Doctor took first place in the most sought-after series, followed by Zalim Istanbul and Her Yerde Sen, respectively. The only international production on the list of almost all national series was Game of Thrones, which ranked fourth.

In the Food category, which contains clues about the flavor trends of 2019, the influence of cooking programs on television can be observed. Revani, Chestnut, Lemonade, Rice Pudding and Kapuska took first place on this list this year.

Among the most sought after songs this year are Reynmen's "Derdim Olsun", Şanışer's "Susamam", Fatih Bulut's "Very Loved I Lie" and Norm Ender's "Owner of the Place".

The rise of general calls in 2019 in Turkey

Results of the elections of Istanbul 2019

Breathe into the future



Smoking prices

Dollar rate

Last minute military service


National anthem 10 continents

Notre-Dame cathedral

The rise in 2019. Calls in Turkey – names

Contact Emine directly

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Neslican Thai

Palu family

Contact Tarık directly

Contact Kerimcan directly

Dilber Ay

Contact Ayşen directly

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The rise in 2019. Calls in Turkey – Tables

Miracle Doctor

Cruel Istanbul

Wherever you

Game Of Thrones

North Star

Thug does not rule the world

Rich love


Once upon a time Çukurova

Forbidden apple

The rise in 2019. Calls in Turkey – Recipes




milk rice


red mullet

bean salad


Pastry rolls

Hawthorn vinegar

The rise in 2019. Calls in Turkey – Songs

The best – Reynmen

Sesame – Chance

I loved it – Fatih Bulut

Ela – Reynmen

Owner – Norm Ender

Aya – Murda and Ezhel

I will forget about Elbet – Rafet El Roman & Derya

In my soul – Ender Balkır

A chance I know – Gülşen

The best – Bora Duran

Global calls increase in 2019

1. India vs South Africa

2. Cameron Boyce

3.Copa America

4. Bangladesh vs India

5.iPhone 11

6.Game of Thrones

7. Avengers: Endgame

8.Jok is

9.Our Lady

10. ICC Cricket World Cup

Calls Worldwide in 2019 – Names

1.Antonio Brown

2.Neym is

3. James Charles

4.Jussie Smollett

5.Kevin Hart

6.Billie Eilish

7.Greta Thunberg

8.R. Kelly

9. Jooaquin Phoenix

10.Jordyn Woods

Rising Calls Worldwide in 2019 – News

1.Copa America

2.Our Lady

3. ICC Cricket World Cup

4. hurricane Dorian

5. Rugby World Cup

6. Sri Lanka

7. Area 51 8. Election results in India

9. 台風 19 号

10.Autumn of the Berlin Wall

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