WhatsApp tax protest in Lebanon triggers government protests

WhatsApp group speeches attract attention

The Lebanese government, which struggles with the economic crisis, announced on Thursday it plans to impose a $ 0.20 tax on other applications, such as Facebook, Messenger and FaceTime, which provide internet calls, especially WhatsApp. Following this announcement, people started to protest against this decision, there were clashes between the security forces and the people during the demonstrations.

When the WhatsApp Protest soon turned into a government protest, the government stopped plans to tax internet calls. In the meantime, this protest has emerged as the most widespread action in Lebanon in recent years.

This action, which started as a WhatsApp protest, soon turned into a public protest against the economic crisis and government in the country. In addition to shouting slogans, the demonstrators also carried out actions such as burning tires and damaging surrounding vehicles. While security forces intervened with tear gas, some activists were injured during the intervention.

Within the scope of this decision, which was suspended for the time being, the government would receive an annual income tax of 250 million dollars from nearly 3.5 million Voip users. On the other hand, during WhatsApp tax-triggered protests, activists also protested taxes on fuel, food and bread. Activists are also protesting against forest fires and sectarian discrimination.

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