When Does Fortnite Season 6 Begin?

Fortnite 6th season starting today Epic Games lovers Battle Pass, this season with the sixth of the game as a strategy and survival game of interest in the new section of the game is waiting for each other curiously different features.

These features were introduced by the company and introduced to the followers of Epic Games in a new season. So when's the sixth season?

Fortnite 6th season

Fortnite 6th Season Halloween Costume

Fortnite 6th season Halloween costume celebrated on 31 October every year. Battle Royal has the mysterious developments that await the adventure lovers in every sense of the genre in this remarkable action and survival strategic game genre.

Fortnite Season 6: The Dark Is Rising

Fortnit to was also announced by Epic Games officials this season. Accordingly, the 6th season Battle Pass's slogan was Dark Rising. It is also necessary to mention that a gameplay video has been prepared and discussed in all aspects of the season in question.

It should be noted that it draws attention with its distinctive features in all respects.Fortnite 6th season

Fortnite 6. Season Price Was Also Specified

Fortnite's 6th season is again ready for strategy and action lovers this year. The new season game price, which is announced as 950 bucks, draws attention with all the features prepared by Epic Games in every aspect.

US $ 15 and around $ 60 as a pricing was determined. When all these features are taken into consideration, it is important to note that the game comes in front of the game lovers with all the surprise developments and says hello to them.

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