Witcher card game: Gwent receives iOS app and next expansion

Witcher card game: Gwent receives iOS app and next expansion
Picture: CD project

CD project announces the iOS version of the im Witcher universe settled Gwent free-to-play card game. Crossplay is always supported, but the game progress is only partially synchronized. In addition, there is an addon already in early October with Iron Judgment.

iOS version with custom controls and crossplay

Already since Publication of the card game in the summer of 2016 called the Polish developer two goals: On the one hand, CD Project promised a single player campaign, the finally in the stand alone throne breaker On the other hand, it was often announced that Gwent would also want to offer mobile services in the future. On October 29, 2019, this goal will be achieved at least partially, because while the card game iOS users will thus be available in a few weeks, the developer puts an owner of an Android smartphone indefinitely.

For the iOS version, however, CD Projekt promises a specially developed operation and crossplay with all other platforms, ie PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the game progress and purchases can only be synchronized via GOG with the PC version – for the consoles, the “outside [der] control“CD project. The basic requirement of the app is meanwhile iOS 12. On the “strongest iOS devices“Gwent also support the 4K textures sold separately on the PC. In the App Store the game can already be preordered.

The next expansion is due

Just over a month before, on October 2, 2019, another expansion is coming out with Iron Judgment, which brings new maps with it; CD project speaks of “over 80 unique[n] cards“Across the six factions. Focus on the addon on Radovid and the northern realms. Although the free-to-play concept is basically free of charge for Iron Judgment, CD Project offers one Pre-order package with cosmetic content and 25 premium barrels associated with the addon, the Lootbox equivalent of the game, each containing five playing cards. The cost is 43.19 euros.

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