Working conditions: CD project wants to treat employees better

Arbeitsbedingungen: CD Projekt will Angestellte besser behandeln

Following reports of problematic crunch culture from industry greats such as BioWare, Epic Games, Riot Games, and Rockstar, CD Projekt also commented on the topic. The company publicly assures that overtime is guaranteed to be voluntary and wants to codify this status.

Co-founder Marcin Iwiński wished Kotakuthat his studio should gain notoriety for it, players, but also developers “to treat with respect“. The studio has a policy of voluntary overtime for some time, but it should now be implemented better.

Without the crunch-time, CD Projekt does not want to get along. There is “Naturally“Places where”we have to work harder – I think the E3 demo is a good example“Iwiński said. Crunch is not scheduled, but results despite buffer periods, because the project planning is difficult. Developers could but take on demand, no one would look for this wish wrong.

Iwiński therefore wants to make absolutely clear that the developers who are currently working on Cyberpunk 2077 do not have to work overtime at night or on weekends if they are asked directly about it. Because the question of a supervisor does not necessarily grant genuine freedom of choice due to many factors, the option is now made public – which makes the company a target of criticism when handled in the opposite direction. The development of Cyberpunk 2077 should therefore be less stressful for the employees than that of The Witcher 3, which burdened most of the employees with excessive overtime.

Reaction to reports

According to its own statements, CD Projekt wanted to position itself and position itself after the numerous crunch reports and the discussion about working conditions in the industry itself. Doubt it Kotaku; According to the Crunch page of Anthem's troubled development, four former employees of CD Projekt have reported and reported similar circumstances – even the development of the promising cyberpunk role-playing game is not taking place in calm waters.

However, these may depend on the department, Kotaku writes, because the site reported other employees of comparatively normal working hours. It can be assumed that, among other things, the quality assurance and technical teams would have been particularly stressed before reaching milestones such as the E3 demos.

In addition to the desire to actually change conditions in a positive way, going public would also have a preventive character. The possible calculus: Already before instead of the expected scandal improvement promised to minimize the damage. The former employees also talked about a crunch culture in which employees are pressured to work hard, but at night and on weekends they are sweetened with supplements.

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