Wrong video streams: Google blocks Xiaomi after a breakdown in cloud cameras

Falsche Videostreams: Google sperrt Xiaomi nach Panne bei Cloud-Kameras aus

Wrong video streams: Google blocks Xiaomi after a breakdown in cloud cameras
Picture: Xiaomi

After users of Xiaomi cloud cameras who wanted to access their video stream via the Google Assistant were sometimes shown the images of other cameras, Google had initially locked Xiaomi out of the Nest platform. Xiaomi responded immediately and has now solved the problem in collaboration with Google.

Accordingly, the Mijia 1080p Smart IP security camera from Xiaomi was affected. When accessing the video stream via the Google Assistant – for example via the Google Nest Hub (test) smart display – users of this model, as long as the Google account was linked to the camera via the app, sometimes received the video stream of any other user with the same Camera model shown. With each new access, the image signal of another user’s camera was displayed, so there was no fixed assignment.

Update to improve caused problems

According to Xiaomi, the problems were triggered by a cache update on December 26, 2019, which should only improve the video streaming quality of the Mijia camera. In addition, the problem is said to have occurred only in extremely rare cases, namely when the integration of the camera into the Google Home Hub was used with a poor network connection. German users were also not affected by the problem, said Xiaomi. If the video stream was accessed via the Mi Home app, there were no problems either.

Google has suspended Xiaomi integration and access to the Xiaomi cameras via the Assistant platform until full clarification.

Reddit users had made issues public

The user Dio-V made the problems public on Reddit, who could access video streams from other people’s homes via camera access on the Nest Hub. Among other things, he was shown strange living rooms and children’s rooms, one of which had the camera pointed at the baby bed with a sleeping toddler. The recordings that he published are from January 1 and 2, 2020.


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