Xbox Game Pass for PC: 3 months free on the purchase of Ryzen and Radeon [Notiz]

Xbox Game Pass für PC: 3 Monate gratis beim Kauf von Ryzen und Radeon

AMD has launched a promotional campaign that will give buyers of certain Ryzen CPUs and Radeon graphics cards free access to the Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) for three months. The action also includes the upcoming Ryzen 3000 and Radeon RX 5700 (XT).

Since 1 July, the campaign, which is organized in cooperation with Microsoft, has a long running time, because according to the conditions of participation (PDF) it ends only on March 10, 2020, provided the undisclosed amount of codes is not exhausted by then. Received codes for unlocking the Xbox Game Pass can be redeemed until June 30, 2020.

The Xbox Game Pass for the PC is still in beta and promises full access to over 100 games, as long as a subscription exists, in the beta phase otherwise 3.99 euros per month and then 9.99 euros per Month costs. As part of the AMD campaign, buyers of certain CPUs and graphics cards will have three months of free access to the Beta (from August) or later to the final version of the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The following products qualify for participation. The Ryzen 3000 and Radeon RX 5700 (XT) will be officially launched on July 7th and are not yet available.

Attendance is also limited to certain dealers specified for the EMEA region as follows:

100MEGA, Acord, ACQUISITE MAGNUM DOO, Action S.A., ADMI Limited, Akortek Bilisim, Alternate,, Arlt Computer Products, Altex Romania, Aseminfor, AT Computers, a.s., Bora Computer, Box
LTD, Brain, Caseking, CCL Computers, CDISCOUNT, CHS Hungary Kft, Citilink, CMS, Coolmod, Corex IT
Distribution Dynamics, CPC Di, C.R.G ELECTRONICS LTD, CSL, CPCDI, CT Computers, Cybertek, Czech
Computer, Dante International SA, DC Link, Decision Logic LTd / Chillblast, DNS, Domisys /, Ebuyer
Limited, ECT Service, ED System, EMAK, Evetech, Ewe, F-Center, Fierce PC Limited, Frontosa Technologies Ltd,
Grosbill, Group LDLC, Hyrican, Inet, Jimms PC Store, Komputronik, Links, M SAN Grupa, Many Electronics
GmbH / Dubaro, Memory PC GmbH, Microline, Microtron, MIFCOM, Mindfactory, Morele, net, Most, Mustek
Limited, Net On Net, NEXT, NTT System S.A., NXPOWER, OCUK Limited, OLDI, Online Trade, PC Componentes
y Multimedia, PC DIGA, PC SPECIALIST, Pinnacle Micro PTY (Ltd), PLAISIO COMPUTERS, Prestigio Europe,
Proline, RAMIRIS EUROPE KFT, Rectron PTY Ltd, Rue du Commerce, Scan Computers International, SHS
COMPUTER, Source IT, T.S. Bohemia, Tradeicbel, TVR Computers CC, Ulmart, Uspex Pro, Vali Computers LTD.,
Vatan, WAVE Distribution and Computer Systems, Web Halls Sverige AB, WinWin / ALTI, Wootware, X-KOM

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