Xbox One: Microsoft runs console game on PC

Xbox One: Microsoft runs console game on PC

Microsoft is working to further unify the infrastructure of Windows 10 and Xbox OS. This makes it possible to play Xbox console games on PCs with Windows 10, which has already been demonstrated with the survival action game State of Decay. The group underlines its ambitions in the gaming sector.

Microsoft has not announced these innovative changes. With the Windows 10 Preview Build 18334, the company merely claimed to implement new technology and asked for a free version of State of Decay to download and report issues. Further information or justifications were not given.

Microsoft builds foundations

As users according to a report from Ars Technica When downloading this trial version, the game will not be sourced from the Microsoft Store servers, but from the Xbox Live servers, which usually ship exclusively pure Xbox titles.

The installation file obtained through this server uses the .xvc file format developed for the Xbox One, but plays the normal game through PowerShell. A sandbox is not used. The conclusion is obvious: The Xbox version of the Survival game was played, not the PC version.

The also deployed utility Microsoft Gaming Services also contained parts of the Xbox infrastructure. In addition to drivers, libraries with Xbox APIs are among them, although the game itself still has DirectX installed. It is therefore assumed that the standardization of the substructure has not yet progressed far enough and so far only foundations have been laid.

Everything will be Xbox

So far, despite Play-Anywhere program still separate versions of a game for console and PC are needed; Players will only get both options at no additional cost when purchasing a corresponding title. How this innovation works in practice is not clear.

In the simplest case, Microsoft's efforts make it easier to develop games for Windows 10 and console as the software environments become much more similar. In the best case, Windows 10 is speculated Ars Technicabut, given sufficient hardware, “to an Xbox that can play any Xbox gameBecause the operating system gets all of the Xbox game build.

Thurrott considers this variant to be more likely. The site assumes that the game infrastructure on the PC will be replaced by that of the Xbox. In this pattern of unification fits the support of mouse and keyboard on the console as well as the announcement of Phil Spencer PC gamers, that the “First priority is to deliver a new store experience for games“Is. This is already good on the Xbox to change the framework, so would be a possible solution.

Xbox becomes more attractive

Interlocking the platforms in such a way also unifies the gaming experience on both platforms including all optimizations. This has a tangible advantage: developers can bring a game without porting on Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox consoles, while the performance benefits on both platforms from the optimizations, writes Thurrott. Merging platforms fits the strategy of making Xbox a game brand and adds more weight to Microsoft by significantly increasing the player base of “Xbox” through this evolution. That makes them much more attractive for developers.

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