Xbox Scarlett: Every 3 months a first-party game and not a VR

Xbox Scarlett: Alle 3 Monate ein First-Party-Spiel und kein VR

Xbox Scarlett: Every 3 months a first-party game and not a VR

As the boss of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty in an interview with GamesRadar The company plans to launch a first-party game at Xbox Scarlett every three to four months, rather than making the same mistakes as the Xbox One and challenging its own game development studios.

The Xbox One could not meet this number of first-party games and remained compared to the Sony PlayStation 4, which can look back, for example, on games from the series God of War, Uncharted, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn, rather pale. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Xbox division can draw on some 15 developer studios to develop the first-party games for the Xbox. Also, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, sees Project Scarlett well positioned with the upcoming games offer, without going into detail. With Halo Infinite Microsoft has announced a game to launch the Xbox Scarlett in the fall of 2020, but held to start titles of the console but still largely covered. At the same time, all Xbox One games can be played on the Scarlett.

Nobody asks us for Virtual Reality

Phil Spencer had recently given a clear rejection of VR support for launching the Xbox Scarlett. There “Nobody asks for VR“Microsoft put no focus on this. Spencer sees the target group for VR on the PC and in other areas, but not on the game console. The fact that you will never devote yourself to the subject of VR, but that is also not said, it was the start of the Xbox Scarlett just not in focus, as he once again made it clear on Twitter, and Microsoft will continue to watch the market.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida responded to this statement on Twitter, saying that they often work on things that users would not (yet) ask. Sony has already confirmed that its own VR headset for the PlayStation 4, PS VR, will also work on the PlayStation 5.

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