Yesterday's problem on Facebook revealed how the company tagged our photos with artificial intelligence

Yesterday's problem on Facebook revealed how the company tagged our photos with artificial intelligence

Yesterday, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users experienced one of the biggest troubles ever. Because it was not possible to fully use all three platforms. Even though the problem was solved in the following hours, the fact that the photos on Facebook did not open completely revealed what the company benefits from when tagging photos with artificial intelligence.

So, when we look at uploaded photos, instead of seeing vacation photos or pictures of food and friends,images can include: smiling people, dancing people, weddings and interiors“or just”Image may contain: cat“In short, we can say that a computer looks at your life in this way.

The same picture tags are shown on Instagram, as well as detailing general scene and object descriptions, and Facebook recommends who you are in a face-based photo. the Company has been using this feature since 2017. Let's remember. Company images use machine learning to “read de in this way, and the project is a big part of the company's accessibility efforts. Because such tags are used for visually impaired users to identify photos and videos.

Is this how ad targeting is done?

What is not clear is whether Facebook also uses this information to target ads. These images contain a lot of data about users' lives; whether you have pets, hobbies, whether you like to go on vacation or whether you really ride vintage cars. However, regardless of how this information is used, there is such a fascinating perspective behind the scenes in one of the world's largest data collection processes. It is also one of the most important examples of how much the visual world can be read by machine.

Looking at all this, it is possible to say how much machine learning has progressed in recent years. However, it remains a matter of concern whether this will bring greater problems in the future.

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