You may have to buy the 45W fast charger for the Galaxy Note 10+ separately

You may have to buy the 45W fast charger for the Galaxy Note 10+ separately

There has been a debate about the speed of the Galaxy Note 10 will offer. One 25W Galaxy S10 Galaxy S5, Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A70. However, there have been some whispers about 45W charging as well.

It's believed that both Galaxy Note 10 models will come with a 25W fast charger in the box. Only the Galaxy Note 10+ wants to have support for 45W.

45W fast charger for Galaxy Note 10+ to be sold separately

This according to @UniverseIce, who shared The screenshot of the Galaxy Note 10. It mentions the EP-TA800 charger which is used by the aforementioned devices for 25W fast charging. 45W fast charging on a device that's likely to start at 1149 euro.

There's little concrete evidence to support the theory of 45W almost charging on the Galaxy Note 10+, though. What does make it seem plausible is an unreleased EP-TA845 charger which reportedly might be the 45W. The technical details of this charger remain unknown so it's not certain at this point.

Samsung obviously has to have some differences between the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ aside from just the display sizes. So it seems plausible that 45W fast charging could be limited to the latter. However, if that happens, customers may not feel too good. With the Galaxy Note 10+ set to start at 1149 euro, many would prefer to have the 45W fast charger ship with the box.

If you got the Galaxy Note 10+ and you would like to buy the charger separately, would you do it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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