YouTube tests profile cards showing users' comment history

YouTube & # 039; s changing the copyright application process may increase blocked content

YouTube, Creator Insider channel focused on content producers announced that users are testing profile cards that show the history of comments. Profile cards that will appear when you click on the name of a commenting user will list the comments that the user has recently made on the channel.

Until now, when you click on a user's name in comments, you were redirected directly to the user's YouTube channel. However, if there wasn't any content posted on the channel, you weren't able to find out about the commenter. The company has been struggling with counterfeit accounts and internet trolls on the platform for a while, enabling the content producers to learn more about the commentators.

Profile cards can be viewed in the comments left in the channel in the last 12 months. However, the comments that the user has left to other channels are not displayed. Tom Leung, Managing Director of YouTube Product Management, said that together with this, content producers hope that they can recognize those who leave them with the best comments and that the links in the YouTube community will be strengthened.

In the meantime, the profile cards will include a link that directs content producers to the users' channel. It is not yet clear which countries and users are available for profile cards during the testing process. However, it is worth mentioning the positive value of the property by the community. New features tested together with this feature include personalized messages.

Looking at the commenter's comment history on the channel allows content producers to make a choice for the user when responding to the comment. In this sense, content producers have a more meaningful and strong connection with their subscribers.

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