YouTube will enable content producers to generate more revenue

YouTube will enable content producers to generate more revenue

Preparing to launch content-driven AR ads, YouTube unveiled new tools designed to generate more revenue for content producers on the VidCon event. The company announced the SuperChat, Channel Membership and Merch features at the Vidcon event last year.

More than 90 thousand channels benefit from the Super Chats YouTube, explaining that some broadcasters earn $ 400 per minute, he said. Super Chat's YouTube is positioned as the number one revenue source of about 20 thousand channels, the company said that the use rate increased by 65 percent compared to last year.

Super Stickers

Moving forward to accelerate this momentum, YouTube introduced the new Super Stickers. This new feature, which will be available in the next few months, allows fans to purchase animated stickers during the live broadcast and premiere. So fans can show content producers how much they like the broadcast.

We can say that Super Stickers is similar to Bits emotes and cheermotes animated stickers used in Twitch conversations. Still, YouTube's Super Stickers look and feel different from the Twitch stickers. At the same time, Super Stickers support both different language options and different categories, especially games, fashion and beauty, sports, music and food.

Level period in Channel Memberships

In addition to this feature, YouTube also announced the innovations it brought to its channel membership feature introduced last year. Until now, users could have subscribed to the channel by paying $ 4.99. With this membership, users who had access to unique badges, new emojis and special live broadcasts were also able to access extra videos and announcements.

YouTube announced that it has brought levels to memberships. Thanks to the long-awaited levels feature, content producers will be able to bring different fees to memberships. Manufacturers who can define 5 different pricing for memberships will be able to offer different products for these fees. Note that the feature has been tested on selected channels including Fine Brothers Entertainment's REACT channel for some time. YouTube content producers added two more expensive membership options to the channel and then doubled the channel's revenue.

New Merch Shelf Partnerships

In addition, YouTube previously announced that Teespring has agreed with Teespring for the Merch self feature, which allows content producers to sell t-shirts, hats and phone containers. YouTube, Merch shelf, Super Chat and Channel Memberships, which have agreed with Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent and Rooster Teeth, have doubled the revenue of thousands of channels since last year.

Learning Playlists

Meanwhile, the company focuses on the platform's inspiring and educational content, as well as its revenue-generating features. Introducing Learning Playlists in this context, YouTube aims to facilitate the learning process of users. With this feature, publishers who produce instructional content will be able to divide videos into concept and level-oriented sections. Likewise, content suggestions that appear in the right panel of these content will be disabled. Note that the feature is currently being tested by content producers, including Khan Academy, TED-Ed, The Coding Train and Crash Course.

YouTube Giving

Finally, the company has been testing for the last year, the fundraising tool YouTube Giving'in beta version is prepared to open to users. The feature, which will be released in the coming months, will be available to thousands of content producers in the United States.

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